OMN 1 2 2 1 2 2 R361 75Ohm C430 M760CLK_L +1.8VS +1.2VS 1 D HT_RXD15 HT_RXD#15 HT_RXD14 HT_RXD#14 HT_RXD13 HT_RXD#13 HT_RXD12 HT_RXD#12 HT_RXD11 HT_RXD#11 HT_RXD10 HT_RXD#10 HT_RXD9 HT_RXD#9 HT_RXD8 HT_RXD#8 HT_RXD7 HT_RXD#7 HT_RXD6 HT_RXD#6 HT_RXD5 HT_RXD#5 HT_RXD4 HT_RXD#4 HT_RXD3 HT_RXD#3 HT_RXD2 HT_RXD#2 HT_RXD1 HT_RXD#1 HT_RXD0 HT_RXD#0 HT_TXD[0..15] 3 HT_TXD[0..15] HT_RXCLK#1 3 HT_RXCLK1 3 HT_RXCTL#0 HT_RXCTL0 HT_TXD#[0..15] 3 HT_TXD#[0..15] 2 HT_RXCLK#0 3 HT_RXCLK0 3 1 5 1 6 2 7 1 8 HTAVSS HTPHYAVSS 3900P Title : M760GX-1(Host/AGP) ASUSTek COMPUTER INC. NB6 Size Custom Engineer: Jerry-LH Chen Project Name Rev A6u Date: Monday, March 21, 2005 2.1 Sheet 9 of 50 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 U42B MAB0 MAB1 MAB2 MAB3 MAB4 MAB5 MAB6 MAB7 MAB8 MAB9 MAB10 MAB11 MAB12 MAB13 AJ21 AG22 AH22 AJ23 AH23 AD22 AF22 AD21 AG21 AE21 AE20 AF20 AH20 AJ20 WEB RASB CASB AH18 AG19 AJ19 SDCLKBN1 SDCLKBN0 AG18 AD19 SDCLKBP1 SDCLKBP0 AG17 AD18 CKEB AF19 CSB AG20 C VBTRAP0 VBTRAP1 DRAMTRAP2 DRAMTRAP3 Y27 Y28 VBTRAP2 VBTRAP3 DDRVREFB1 DDRVREFB2 AJ8 Y29 DDRVREFA DDRVREFB ECLKAVDD ECLKAVSS W28 W29 VOSCIE W27 They need connected for SiS760 with or without Local frame buffer. +3.3VS L68 ECLKAVDD 1 C478 0.01U 0.1U 2 VOSCIE 19 2 120Ohm/100Mhz C477 10uF/10V 2 VOSCIE 1 C479 1 ECLKAVDD ECLKAVSS 1 W26 Y26 2 DRAMTRAP0 DRAMTRAP1 ECLKAVSS B VBTRAP1 VBTRAP3 SiSM760 without Local Frame Buffer Vref -Tie ground (R406,R399 open) R399 1KOhm 1% /X 1 2 1 2 R407 1KOhm 1% /X C483 0.1U /X 1 C497 0.1U /X C485 0.1U /X R398 1KOhm 1% /X SiSM760GX DDRVREFB:NC DDRVREFA:NC A 2 2 R71 10KOhm /X VBTRAP2 DDRVREFB ( 10-mil trace ) 25-mil clearance or shielded by VSS trace and VDD trace R69 10KOhm /X Title : 1 1 VBTRAP0 R68 10KOhm /X 1 R63 10KOhm /X 1 2 A +3.3VS 2 +3.3VS R406 1KOhm 1% /X 2 1 C496 0.1U /X 1 DDRVREFA ( 10-mil trace ) 25-mil clearance or shielded by VSS trace and VDD trace 2 SISM760GX 1 1 2 M760GX-2 +3.3VS 2 +3.3VS 2 B D 1 C DQB0 DQB1 DQB2 DQB3 DQB4 DQB5 DQB6 DQB7 DQMB0 DDRBSTB0 DQB8 DQB9 DQB10 DQB11 DQB12 DQB13 DQB14 DQB15 DQMB1 DDRBSTB1 DQB16 DQB17 DQB18 DQB19 DQB20 DQB21 DQB22 DQB23 DQMB2 DDRBSTB2 DQB24 DQB25 DQB26 DQB27 DQB28 DQB29 DQB30 DQB31 DQMB3 DDRBSTB3 DQB32 DQB33 DQB34 DQB35 DQB36 DQB37 DQB38 DQB39 DQMB4 DDRBSTB4 DQB40 DQB41 DQB42 DQB43 DQB44 DQB45 DQB46 DQB47 DQMB5 DDRBSTB5 DQB48 DQB49 DQB50 DQB51 DQB52 DQB53 DQB54 DQB55 DQMB6 DDRBSTB6 DQB56 DQB57 DQB58 DQB59 DQB60 DQB61 DQB62 DQB63 DQMB7 DDRBSTB7 2 D AA27 AB28 AB29 AC29 AB26 AA26 AA25 Y25 Y24 AA29 AF28 AH28 AG27 AH27 AF26 AE25 AD25 AD24 AE26 AG29 AC27 AD29 AD28 AD27 AE29 AC26 AC25 AB24 AE27 AF29 AJ27 AG26 AJ26 AG25 AH25 AG24 AF24 AE23 AF23 AJ24 AJ15 AG16 AH16 AJ16 AE16 AD16 AF17 AD17 AE18 AJ17 AG11 AJ11 AG12 AH12 AF11 AD11 AE12 AD12 AE13 AJ12 AG15 AJ14 AH14 AJ13 AE15 AF15 AF14 AD14 AF13 AG13 AJ10 AH10 AJ9 AG9 AF10 AE10 AD10 AF9 AD9 AH8 ASUSTek COMPUTER INC. NB6 Size Custom Engineer: M760GX-2 Jerry-LH Chen Project Name Rev A6u Date: Monday, March 21, 2005 2.1 Sheet 10 of 50 6 5 The differences between the traces of MuTIOL Strobes and Data in each group should be smaller than 0.05",and strobes need guide GND trace 3 0.1U /X 1 DCLKAVDD DCLKAVSS E7 D10 MCLKAVDD MCLKAV