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Acer Aspire 5935G

S_276 VSS_277 VSS_278 VSS_279 VSS_280 VSS_281 VSS_282 VSS_283 VSS_284 VSS_285 VSS_286 VSS_287 VSS_288 VSS_289 VSS_290 VSS_291 VSS_292 VSS_293 VSS_294 VSS_295 VSS_296 BC3 AV3 AL3 R3 P3 F3 BA2 AW2 AU2 AR2 AP2 AJ2 AH2 AF2 AE2 AD2 AC2 Y2 M2 K2 AM1 AA1 P1 H1 VSS_351 VSS_352 VSS_353 VSS_354 VSS_237 VSS_238 VSS_239 VSS_240 VSS_241 VSS_242 VSS_243 VSS_244 VSS_245 VSS_246 VSS_247 VSS_248 VSS_249 VSS_250 VSS_251 VSS_252 AH8 Y8 L8 E8 B8 AY7 AU7 AN7 AJ7 AE7 AA7 N7 J7 BG6 BD6 AV6 AT6 AM6 M6 C6 BA5 AH5 AD5 Y5 L5 J5 H5 F5 BE4 VSS_327 VSS_328 VSS_329 VSS_330 VSS_331 VSS_332 VSS_333 VSS_334 VSS_335 VSS_336 VSS_337 VSS_338 VSS_339 VSS_340 VSS_341 VSS_342 VSS_343 VSS_344 VSS_345 VSS_346 VSS_347 VSS_348 VSS_349 VSS_350 VSS VSS_235 AU16 AN16 N16 K16 G16 E16 BG15 AC15 W15 A15 BG14 AA14 C14 BG13 BC13 BA13 VSS_297 VSS_298 VSS_299 VSS_300 VSS_301 VSS_302 VSS_303 VSS_304 VSS_305 VSS_306 VSS_307 VSS_308 VSS_309 VSS_310 VSS_311 VSS_312 VSS_313 VSS_314 VSS_315 VSS_316 VSS_317 VSS_318 VSS_319 VSS_320 VSS_321 VSS_322 VSS_323 VSS_324 VSS_325 VSS NCTF D VSS_1 VSS_2 VSS_3 VSS_4 VSS_5 VSS_6 VSS_7 VSS_8 VSS_9 VSS_10 VSS_11 VSS_12 VSS_13 VSS_14 VSS_15 VSS_16 VSS_17 VSS_18 VSS_19 VSS_20 VSS_21 VSS_22 VSS_23 VSS_24 VSS_25 VSS_26 VSS_27 VSS_28 VSS_29 VSS_30 VSS_31 VSS_32 VSS_33 VSS_34 VSS_35 VSS_36 VSS_37 VSS_38 VSS_39 VSS_40 VSS_41 VSS_42 VSS_43 VSS_44 VSS_45 VSS_46 VSS_47 VSS_48 VSS_49 VSS_50 VSS_51 VSS_52 VSS_53 VSS_54 VSS_55 VSS_56 VSS_57 VSS_58 VSS_59 VSS_60 VSS_61 VSS_62 VSS_63 VSS_64 VSS_65 VSS_66 VSS_67 VSS_68 VSS_69 VSS_70 VSS_71 VSS_72 VSS_73 VSS_74 VSS_75 VSS_76 VSS_77 VSS_78 VSS_79 VSS_80 VSS_81 VSS_82 VSS_83 VSS_84 VSS_85 VSS_86 VSS_87 VSS_88 VSS_89 VSS_90 VSS_91 VSS_92 VSS_93 VSS_94 VSS_95 VSS_96 VSS_97 VSS_98 VSS_99 U24 U28 U25 U29 VSS_NCTF_1 VSS_NCTF_2 VSS_NCTF_3 VSS_NCTF_4 VSS_NCTF_5 VSS_NCTF_6 VSS_NCTF_7 VSS_NCTF_8 VSS_NCTF_9 VSS_NCTF_10 VSS_NCTF_11 VSS_NCTF_12 VSS_NCTF_13 VSS_NCTF_14 VSS_NCTF_15 VSS_NCTF_16 VSS_SCB_1 VSS_SCB_2 VSS_SCB_3 VSS_SCB_4 VSS_SCB_5 D C AF32 AB32 V32 AJ30 AM29 AF29 AB29 U26 U23 AL20 V20 AC19 AL17 AJ17 AA17 U17 BH48 BH1 A48 C1 A3 VSS SCB AU48 AR48 AL48 BB47 AW47 AN47 AJ47 AF47 AD47 AB47 Y47 T47 N47 L47 G47 BD46 BA46 AY46 AV46 AR46 AM46 V46 R46 P46 H46 F46 BF44 AH44 AD44 AA44 Y44 U44 T44 M44 F44 BC43 AV43 AU43 AM43 J43 C43 BG42 AY42 AT42 AN42 AJ42 AE42 N42 L42 BD41 AU41 AM41 AH41 AD41 AA41 Y41 U41 T41 M41 G41 B41 BG40 BB40 AV40 AN40 H40 E40 AT39 AM39 AJ39 AE39 N39 L39 B39 BH38 BC38 BA38 AU38 AH38 AD38 AA38 Y38 U38 T38 J38 F38 C38 BF37 BB37 AW37 AT37 AN37 AJ37 H37 C37 BG36 BD36 AK15 AU36 BG21 L12 AW21 AU21 AP21 AN21 AH21 AF21 AB21 R21 M21 J21 G21 BC20 BA20 AW20 AT20 AJ20 AG20 Y20 N20 K20 F20 C20 A20 BG19 A18 BG17 BC17 AW17 AT17 R17 M17 H17 C17 NC U2I NC_26 NC_27 NC_28 NC_29 NC_30 NC_31 NC_32 NC_33 NC_34 NC_35 NC_36 NC_37 NC_38 NC_39 NC_40 NC_41 NC_42 B E1 D2 C3 B4 A5 A6 A43 A44 B45 C46 D47 B47 A46 F48 E48 C48 B48 CANTIGA_1p0 A A 2007/09/29 Issued Date Compal Electronics, Inc. Compal Secret Data Security Classification 2007/09/29 Deciphered Date Title SCHEMATIC,MB A5011 THIS SHEET OF ENGINEERING DRAWING IS THE PROPRIETARY PROPERTY OF COMPAL ELECTRONICS, INC. AND CONTAINS CONFIDENTIAL Size Document Number AND TRADE SECRET INFORMATION. THIS SHEET MAY NOT BE TRANSFERED FROM THE CUSTODY OF THE COMPETENT DIVISION OF R&D DEPARTMENT EXCEPT AS AUTHORIZED BY COMPAL ELECTRONICS, INC. NEITHER THIS SHEET NOR THE INFORMATION IT CONTAINS Custom MAY BE USED BY OR DISCLOSED TO ANY THIRD PARTY WITHOUT PRIOR WRITTEN CONSENT OF COMPAL ELECTRONICS, INC. Rev B 401673 Date: 5 4 3 2 Sheet Thursday, April 30, 2009 1 12 of 43 5 4 3 2 1 +1.5V +1.5V +V_DDR3_DIMM_REF (8) DDR_A_DQS#[0..7] JDIMM2 +1.5V (8) DDR_A_DM[0..7] 1 (8) DDR_A_DQS[0..7] DDR_A_DM0 R540 (8) DDR_A_MA[0..14] 1K_0402_1% DDR_A_D2 DDR_A_D3 2 +V_DDR3_DIMM_REF 1 DDR_A_D8 DDR_A_D9 1 R541 DDR_A_DQS#1 DDR_A_DQS1 1K_0402_1% DDR_A_D10 DDR_A_D11 2 2 C209 1 2.2U_0805_16V4Z 2.2U_0805_16V4Z C642 0.1U_0402_16V4Z D 2 DDR_A_D16 DDR_A_D17 DDR_A_DQS#2 DDR_A_DQS2 DDR_A_D18 DDR_A_D19 R1102 R1102 1 2 100_0402_5% +RTCVCC DDR_A_D24 DDR_A_D25 J2 1 2 JOPEN DDR_A_DM3 @ DDR_A_D26 DDR_A_D27 DDR_CKE0_DIMMA (7) DDR_CKE0_DIMMA Layout Note: Place near JP4 CKE0 VDD NC BA2 VDD A12/BC# A9 VDD A8 A5 VDD A3 A1 VDD CK0 CK0# VDD A10/AP BA0 VDD WE# CAS# VDD A13 S1# VDD TEST VSS DQ32 DQ33 VSS DQS4# DQS4 VSS DQ34 DQ35 VSS DQ40 DQ41 VSS DM5 VSS DQ42 DQ43 VSS DQ48 DQ49 VSS DQS6# DQS6 VSS DQ50 DQ51 VSS DQ56 DQ57 VSS DM7 VSS DQ58 DQ59 VSS SA0 VDDSPD SA1 VTT DDR_A_BS2 (8) DDR_A_BS2 C DDR_A_MA12 DDR_A_MA9 Layout Note: Place these 4 Caps near Command and Control signals of DIMMA DDR_A_MA8 DDR_A_MA5 +1.5V C789 C789 C788 C788 C787 C787 C786 C786 C785 C785 1 1 2 C149 2 C148 C148 1 0.1U_0402_16V4Z 2 C147 1 0.1U_0402_16V4Z 2 C146