R30 1 1 1 2 4.7KOhm 2 4.7KOhm 2 4.7KOhm Title :M760GX-3(MuTIOL/VGA) ASUSTek COMPUTER INC. NB6 Size Custom Engineer: Jerry-LH Chen Project Name Rev A6U Date: Monday, March 21, 2005 2.1 Sheet 11 of 50 8 7 6 5 4 OVDDM connect to VCC3 when use SiS M760 without Local Frame Buffer. When use SiS M760GX: OVDDM:NC SiS M760LV IVDD=1.5V 3 2 1 LAYOUT: Place HT bypass caps on topside near connected Lokar HT link. +1.2VS B SISM760GX IVDD1 IVDD2 IVDD3 IVDD4 IVDD5 IVDD6 IVDD7 IVDD8 IVDD9 IVDD10 IVDD11 IVDD12 IVDD13 IVDD14 IVDD15 IVDD16 IVDD17 IVDD18 IVDD19 IVDD20 IVDD21 IVDD22 IVDD23 IVDD24 IVDD25 IVDD26 IVDD27 IVDD28 IVDD29 IVDD30 IVDD31 IVDD32 IVDD33 IVDD34 IVDD35 IVDD36 IVDD37 IVDD40 IVDD41 IVDD42 SISM760GX R21 T20 T21 U21 V20 W20 Y12 Y13 Y14 Y15 Y16 Y17 Y18 Y19 Y20 AA12 VDDM3 VDDM10 VDDM11 VDDM19 VDDM24 VDDM18 VDDM25 VDDM26 VDDM27 VDDM28 VDDM29 VDDM30 VDDM31 VDDM32 VDDM33 VDDM34 J16 J15 J14 J13 H22 H21 K11 L11 M11 M12 M14 M16 M18 N11 N13 N15 N17 P11 P12 P14 P16 P18 R11 R13 R15 R17 T11 T12 T14 T16 T18 U11 U13 U15 U17 V11 V12 V13 V14 V15 V16 V17 V18 W13 W15 W17 VLDT27 VLDT26 VLDT25 VLDT24 VLDT23 VLDT22 1 Power R20 U20 W14 W16 W18 VCC3.3_5 VCC3.3_4 VCC3.3_3 VCC3.3_2 VCC3.3_1 M760GX-5 PVDDM1 PVDDM2 PVDDM3 PVDDM4 PVDDM5 VSS20 VSSH38 VSSH39 VSSH40 VSS23 VSS24 VSS25 VSSH43 VSSH44 VSSH45 VSSH46 VSSH47 VSSH48 VSS28 VSSH51 VSSH52 VSSH53 VSS31 VSS32 VSSH56 VSSH57 VSSH58 VSSH59 VSS35 VSS36 VSSM1 VSSM2 VSS39 VSS40 VSSM3 VSSM4 VSSM5 VSS43 VSSM6 VSSM7 VSSM8 VSS46 VSSM9 VSSM10 VSSM11 VSSM12 VSSM13 VSSM14 K13 K15 K17 K19 L12 L13 L14 L15 L16 L17 L18 L19 L20 M13 M15 M17 M19 N12 N14 N16 N18 N19 N20 P13 P15 P17 P19 R12 R14 R16 R18 R19 T13 T15 T17 T19 U12 U14 U16 U18 U19 V19 W19 C435 2 4.7U 1 C438 2 0.22UF 1 C436 2 0.22UF 1 C437 2 0.22UF 1 C69 2 0.22UF 1 C61 2 4.7U 2 C51 1 1500P 2 K12 J12 J11 J10 H9 VDDQ1 VDDQ2 VDDQ3 VDDQ4 VDDQ5 VDDQ6 VDDQ7 VDDQ8 VDDQ9 VDDQ10 VDDQ11 VDDQ12 VDDQ13 VDDQ14 VDDQ15 VDDQ16 VDDQ23 AE4 AE6 AE9 AE11 AE14 AE17 AE19 AE22 AE24 AE28 AF5 AF7 AF12 AF16 AF18 AF21 AF25 AF27 AG10 AG14 AG23 AG28 AH9 AH11 AH13 AH15 AH17 AH19 AH21 AH24 AH26 AJ18 AJ22 AJ25 Power +1.5VS +1.2VS +3.3VS H8 J8 J9 K9 K10 L10 M9 M10 N10 P9 P10 R10 T10 U9 U10 V10 W9 VDDM1 VDDM2 VDDM4 VDDM5 VDDM6 VDDM7 VDDM8 VDDM9 VDDM12 VDDM13 VDDM14 VDDM15 VDDM16 VDDM17 VDDM20 VDDM21 VDDM22 VDDM23 M760GX-4 F28 G1 G4 G26 G28 H2 H5 H25 H28 J3 J6 J24 J28 K1 K4 K26 K28 L2 L5 L25 L28 M3 M6 M24 M28 N1 N4 N26 N28 P2 P5 P25 P26 R3 R6 T1 T4 U2 U5 V6 AA24 AA28 AB25 AB27 AC24 AC28 AD8 AD13 AD15 AD20 AD23 AD26 VLDT28 VLDT29 VLDT30 VLDT31 VLDT32 VLDT33 VLDT34 VLDT35 VLDT36 VLDT37 VLDT38 VLDT39 VLDT40 VLDT41 VLDT42 VLDT43 VLDT44 W12 VDDZ1 Y11 VDDZ2 AA10VDDZ3 AA11VDDZ4 P28 P29 R24 R25 R26 R27 R28 R29 T24 T25 T26 T27 T28 T29 U24 U25 U26 U27 VSS49 VSS50 VSSM26 VSSM27 VSSM28 VSSM29 VSSM30 VSSM31 VSSM32 VSSM33 VSS51 VSS52 VSSM34 VSSM35 VSSM36 VSSM37 VSSM38 VSSM39 VSSM40 VSSM41 VSSM42 VSSM43 VSSM44 VSSM45 VSSM46 VSSM47 VSSM48 VSSM49 VSSM50 VSSM51 VSSM52 VSSM53 VSSM54 VSSM55 VLDT1 VLDT2 VLDT3 VLDT4 VLDT5 VLDT6 VLDT7 VLDT8 VLDT9 VLDT10 VLDT11 VLDT12 VLDT13 VLDT14 VLDT15 VLDT16 VLDT17 VLDT18 VLDT19 VLDT20 VLDT21 VSSH31 VSS12 VSS13 VSSH32 VSSH33 VSS14 VSS15 VSSH34 VSSH35 VSS16 VSS17 VSSH36 VSSH37 VSS18 VSS19 VSSH41 VSSH42 VSS21 VSS22 VSSH49 VSSH50 VSS26