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KB926QF B1 --> KB926QF D3 проверено

Platform is installed in:

Acer Aspire 5252, eMachines E440, E442, E640, E640G, E642, E642G, PackardBell EN TK81, TK83, TM01, TM80, TM81, TM82, TM83, TM93, TM94

B 4A 2.5V VDDA 250mA 1.5V VDDIO 3A 1.05V VDDR 1.5A 1.1V VLDT 1.5A +CPU_CORE_NB +2.5VS +1.05VS +1.05VS PU12 APL5915 VIN +1.1VS D D RAM DDRIII SODIMMX2 +1.5V PU7 RT8209BGQW B+ 1.5V VDD_MEM 4A 0.75V +1.5V VTT_MEM 0.5A +0.75VS PU10 APL5913 NorthBridge AMD RS880M 1.0~1.1V PU6 RT8209BGQW VDDC 1.0V-1.1V 7.6A 1.1V_S0 VDDHTRX+HT 0.68A VDDPCIE 1.1A VDDHTTX 0.68A PLLs 0.23A 1.8V_S0 PU8 RT8209BGQW VDDA18 0.64A VDDG18 0.005A VDDLT18 0.22A PLLs 0.1A 3.3V_S0 VDDG33 0.06A AVDD 0.125A VDDLT33 0A No Use VDD18_MEM 1.8V 0.005A VDD_MEM 1.8V 0.23A +NB_CORE +1.1VS +1.1VALW +1.1VALW U36 SI4800BDY +1.1VS +1.5V C +1.5VS PU19 TSP51117RGYR C U35 SI4800BDY VGA ATI Madison / Park PU17 APW7138NITRL +GPU_CORE +VDDCI 0.85~1.1V +1VSG 1.0V +1.8VSP2 VDDR1 TBD A 1.8V PU11 MP2121DQ PCIE_VDDC 2 A DP[F:A]_VDD10 230 mA DPLL_VDDC 125 mA SPV10 100 mA 1.5V PU10 APL5913 +1.8VS PU14 APL5913 PCIE_PVDD 40 mA PCIE_VDDR 400 mA TSVDD 5 mA VDDR4 TBD mA VDD_CT 17 mA DP[F:A]_PVDD 20 mA DP[F:A]_VDD18 330 mA AVDD 70 mA VDD1DI 45 mA A2VDDQ 1.5 mA VDD2DI 50 mA DPLL_PVDD 75 mA MPV18 150 mA SPV18 50 mA 3.3V VDDR3 60 mA A2VDD 130 mA +1.8VSP1 PU4 SN0806081 RHBR +5VALW B U37 SI1800BDY +3VS LCD panel 15.6" Delay +3VS_DELAY U34 SI4800BDY +5VS B+ 300mA VRAM 1GB 64Mx16 (K4B1G1646E) * 8 +1.5VS +3VALW +INVPWR_B+ VDDC 29 A VDDCI 4 A +3.3 350mA 1.5V 2.4 A B SouthBridge AMD SB820M 1.1V_S0 +1.1VALW FAN Control APL5607 1.1V_S5 +5VS 500mA 3.3V_S0 +3VALW U25/U40 TPS2061DRG4 +USB_VCCA 3.3V_S5 +USB_VCCB Audio AMP TPA6017A2 A USB X3 +5V Dual+1 2.5A SATA Audio Codec ALC272X +5V 3A +3.3VS 25mA EC ENE KB926 +3.3VS 300mA +5V 45mA +3.3V +5V 25mA Realtek RTS5137 +3.3VALW 30mA +3.3VS 3mA LAN BCM57780 ICS9LPRS488B +3.3VALW 750mA +3.3V 400mA Mini Card No Use RTC Bettary +1.5VS 500mA +3.3VS 1A +3.3VALW 330mA +1.1V VDDCR_11_S 113mA VDDAN_11_USB_S 200mA VDDCR_11_USB_S 197mA VDDPL_11_SYS_S VDDIO_33_PCIGP 0.020A VDDPL_33_PCIE 0.030A VDDPL_33_SATA 0.020A VDDPL_33_SYS VDDIO_33_S VDDPL_33_USB_S VDDAN_33_USB_S 0.2A VDDAN_33_S VDDXL_33_S VDDIO_AZ_S VDDCR_11_GBE_S VDDRF_GBE_S VDDIO_33_GBE_S VDDIO_GBE_S VDDIO_18_FC VDDBT_RTC_G 2010/04/12 Deciphered Date 2010/10/12 Title POWER DELIVERY CHART THIS SHEET OF ENGINEERING DRAWING IS THE PROPRIETARY PROPERTY OF COMPAL ELECTRONICS, INC. AND CONTAINS CONFIDENTIAL Size Document Number AND TRADE SECRET INFORMATION. THIS SHEET MAY NOT BE TRANSFERED FROM THE CUSTODY OF THE COMPETENT DIVISION OF R&D Custom PEW/76/86/96 DEPARTMENT EXCEPT AS AUTHORIZED BY COMPAL ELECTRONICS, INC. NEITHER THIS SHEET NOR THE INFORMATION IT CONTAINS MAY BE USED BY OR DISCLOSED TO ANY THIRD PARTY WITHOUT PRIOR WRITTEN CONSENT OF COMPAL ELECTRONICS, INC. Date: 5 4 3 A Compal Secret Data Security Classification Issued Date 2.5~3.6V BAT VDDCR_11 1.1V 0.5A VDDAN_11_PCIE 1A VDDAN_11_SATA 0.8A VDDAN_11_CLK 0.4A 2 Rev B LA-6552P Sheet Thursday, July 22, 2010 1 5 of 45 A B C D E 1 1 VLDT CAP. +1.1VS 250 mil 2 <12> H_CADIP[0..15] <12> H_CADIN[0..15] H_CADIP[0..15] H_CADOP[0..15] H_CADIN[0..15] H_CADOP[0..15] H_CADON[0..15] H_CADON[0..15] <12> 1 <12> 2 C1 10U_0805_10V4Z 1 1 C2 10U_0805_10V4Z C3 0.22U_0603_16V4Z 2 1 C4 0.22U_0603_16V4Z 2 1 C5 180P_0402_50V8J 2 1 C6 180P_0402_50V8J 2 Near CPU Socket +1.1VS +1.1VS JCPU1A TBD 2 H_CADIP0 H_CADIN0 H_CADIP1 H_CADIN1 H_CADIP2 H_CADIN2 H_CADIP3 H_CADIN3 H_CADIP4 H_CADIN4 H_CADIP5 H_CADIN5 H_CADIP6 H_CADIN6 H_CADIP7 H_CADIN7 H_CADIP8 H_CADIN8 H_CADIP9 H_CADIN9 H_CADIP10 H_CADIN10 H_CADIP11 H_CADIN11 H_CADIP12 H_CADIN12 H_CADIP13 H_CADIN13 H_CADIP14 H_CADIN14 H_CADIP15 H_CADIN15 3 C7 HT LINK D1 D2 D3 D4 VLDT_A0 VLDT_A1 VLDT_A2 VLDT_A3 E3 E2 E1 F1 G3 G2 G1 H1 J1 K1 L3 L2 L1 M1 N3 N2 E5 F5 F3 F4 G5 H5 H3 H4 K3 K4 L5 M5 M3 M4 N5 P5 L0_CADIN_H0 L0_CADIN_L0 L0_CA