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Acer Aspire 5935G

7) (7) (7) H_D#[32..47] JCPU1B H_D#0 H_D#1 H_D#2 H_D#3 H_D#4 H_D#5 H_D#6 H_D#7 H_D#8 H_D#9 H_D#10 H_D#11 H_D#12 H_D#13 H_D#14 H_D#15 H_DSTBN#0 H_DSTBP#0 H_DINV#0 54.9_0402_1% 2 1 H_D#[0..15] DATA GRP 3 (7) 10U_0805_6.3V6M 5 R27 1K_0402_1% +VCC_CORE 2 V_CPU_GTLREF 1 2 100_0402_1% VCCSENSE R30 1 2 100_0402_1% VSSSENSE 1 R28 2 R29 2K_0402_1% Close to CPU pin AD26 within 500mils. Close to CPU pin within 500mils. A A 2007/09/29 Issued Date Compal Electronics, Inc. Compal Secret Data Security Classification 2007/09/29 Deciphered Date Title SCHEMATIC,MB A5011 THIS SHEET OF ENGINEERING DRAWING IS THE PROPRIETARY PROPERTY OF COMPAL ELECTRONICS, INC. AND CONTAINS CONFIDENTIAL Size Document Number AND TRADE SECRET INFORMATION. THIS SHEET MAY NOT BE TRANSFERED FROM THE CUSTODY OF THE COMPETENT DIVISION OF R&D DEPARTMENT EXCEPT AS AUTHORIZED BY COMPAL ELECTRONICS, INC. NEITHER THIS SHEET NOR THE INFORMATION IT CONTAINS Custom MAY BE USED BY OR DISCLOSED TO ANY THIRD PARTY WITHOUT PRIOR WRITTEN CONSENT OF COMPAL ELECTRONICS, INC. Rev B 401673 Date: 5 4 3 2 Sheet Thursday, April 30, 2009 1 5 of 43 5 4 3 2 1 +VCC_CORE 1 Place these capacitors on L8 (North side,Secondary Layer) 2 1 C9 10U_0805_6.3V6M 2 1 C10 10U_0805_6.3V6M 2 1 C11 10U_0805_6.3V6M 2 1 C12 10U_0805_6.3V6M 2 1 C13 10U_0805_6.3V6M 2 C14 10U_0805_6.3V6M 1 2 1 C15 10U_0805_6.3V6M 2 C16 10U_0805_6.3V6M D D +VCC_CORE JCPU1D C B A4 A8 A11 A14 A16 A19 A23 AF2 B6 B8 B11 B13 B16 B19 B21 B24 C5 C8 C11 C14 C16 C19 C2 C22 C25 D1 D4 D8 D11 D13 D16 D19 D23 D26 E3 E6 E8 E11 E14 E16 E19 E21 E24 F5 F8 F11 F13 F16 F19 F2 F22 F25 G4 G1 G23 G26 H3 H6 H21 H24 J2 J5 J22 J25 K1 K4 K23 K26 L3 L6 L21 L24 M2 M5 M22 M25 N1 N4 N23 N26 P3 VSS[001] VSS[002] VSS[003] VSS[004] VSS[005] VSS[006] VSS[007] VSS[008] VSS[009] VSS[010] VSS[011] VSS[012] VSS[013] VSS[014] VSS[015] VSS[016] VSS[017] VSS[018] VSS[019] VSS[020] VSS[021] VSS[022] VSS[023] VSS[024] VSS[025] VSS[026] VSS[027] VSS[028] VSS[029] VSS[030] VSS[031] VSS[032] VSS[033] VSS[034] VSS[035] VSS[036] VSS[037] VSS[038] VSS[039] VSS[040] VSS[041] VSS[042] VSS[043] VSS[044] VSS[045] VSS[046] VSS[047] VSS[048] VSS[049] VSS[050] VSS[051] VSS[052] VSS[053] VSS[054] VSS[055] VSS[056] VSS[057] VSS[058] VSS[059] VSS[060] VSS[061] VSS[062] VSS[063] VSS[064] VSS[065] VSS[066] VSS[067] VSS[068] VSS[069] VSS[070] VSS[071] VSS[072] VSS[073] VSS[074] VSS[075] VSS[076] VSS[077] VSS[078] VSS[079] VSS[080] VSS[081] VSS[082] VSS[083] VSS[084] VSS[085] VSS[086] VSS[087] VSS[088] VSS[089] VSS[090] VSS[091] VSS[092] VSS[093] VSS[094] VSS[095] VSS[096] VSS[097] VSS[098] VSS[099] VSS[100] VSS[101] VSS[102] VSS[103] VSS[104] VSS[105] VSS[106] VSS[107] VSS[108] VSS[109] VSS[110] VSS[111] VSS[112] VSS[113] VSS[114] VSS[115] VSS[116] VSS[117] VSS[118] VSS[119] VSS[120] VSS[121] VSS[122] VSS[123] VSS[124] VSS[125] VSS[126] VSS[127] VSS[128] VSS[129] VSS[130] VSS[131] VSS[132] VSS[133] VSS[134] VSS[135] VSS[136] VSS[137] VSS[138] VSS[139] VSS[140] VSS[141] VSS[142] VSS[143] VSS[144] VSS[145] VSS[146] VSS[147] VSS[148] VSS[149] VSS[150] VSS[151] VSS[152] VSS[153] VSS[154] VSS[155] VSS[156] VSS[157] VSS[158] VSS[159] VSS[160] VSS[161] VSS[162] VSS[163] P6 P21 P24 R2 R5 R22 R25 T1 T4 T23 T26 U3 U6 U21 U24 V2 V5 V22 V25 W1 W4 W23 W26 Y3 Y6 Y21 Y24 AA2 AA5 AA8 AA11 AA14 AA16 AA19 AA22 AA25 AB1 AB4 AB8 AB11 AB13 AB16 AB19 AB23 AB26 AC3 AC6 AC8 AC11 AC14 AC16 AC19 AC21 AC24 AD2 AD5 AD8 AD11 AD13 AD16 AD19 AD22 AD25 AE1 AE4 AE8 AE11 AE14 AE16 AE19 AE23 AE26 A2 AF6 AF8 AF11 AF13 AF16 AF19 AF21 A25 AF25 1 Place these capacitors on L8 (North side,Secondary Layer) 2 1 C17 10U_0805_6.3V6M 2 1 C18 10U_0805_6.3V6M 2 1 C19 10U_0805_6.3V6M 2 1 C20 10U_0805_6.3V6M 2 1 C21 10U_0805_6.3V6M 2 C22 10U_0805_6.3V6M 1 2 1 C23 10U_0805_6.3V6M 2 C24 10U_0805_6.3V6M +VCC_CORE 1 Place these capacitors on L8 (Sorth side,Secondary Layer) 2 1 C25 10U_0805_6.3V6M 2 1 C26 10U_0805_6.3V6M 2 1 C27 10U_0805_6.3V6M 2 1 C28 10U_0805_6.3V6M 2 1 C29 10U_0805_6.3V6M 2 C30 10U_0805_6.3V6M 1 2 1 C31 10U_0805_6.3V6M 2 C32 10U_0805_6.3V6M +VCC_CORE 1 Place these capacitors on L8 (Sorth side,Secondary Layer) 2 1 C33 10U_0805_6.3V6M 2 1 C34 10U_0805_6.3V6M 2 1 C35 10U_0805_6.3V6M 2 1 C36 10U_0805_6.3V6M 2 1 C37 10U_0805_6.3V6M 2 C38 10U_0805_6.3V6M 1 2 1 C39 10U_0805_6.3V6M 2 C40 10U_0805_6.3V6M C Mid Frequence Decoupling +VCC_CORE 330U_D2E_2.5VM_R9 1 C41 330U_D2E_2.5VM_R9 + 1 1 + C42 2 C43 2 1 + C44 2 330U_D2E_2.5VM_R9 + 2 B 330U_D2E_2.5VM_R9 0814 Change to C_D2E Place these inside socket cavity on L8 (North side Secondary) +VCCP 1 2 C45 0.1U_0402_10V6K 1 2 1 C46 0.1U_0402_10V6K 2 1 C47 0.1U_0402_10V6K 2 1 C48 0.1U_0402_10V6K 2 1 C49 0.1U