HM WIDTH/SPACE TOP/BOT 5 mils/ 7 mils PCI INTERFACE PCI_REQ# CB&1394 MINIPCI LAN PCI_REQ#0 PCI_REQ#1 PCI_REQ#2 PCI_GNT# CB&1394 PCI_REQ#0 MINIPCI PCI_REQ#1 LAN PCI_REQ#2 IDSEL CB&1394 MINIPCI LAN PCI_AD21 PCI_AD20 PCI_AD16 PCI_INT# CB&1394 MINIPCI LAN PCI_INTB/A/D# PCI_INTC/D# PCI_INTC# POWER PLANE POWER +VCORE +VCCP +V1.2S +V1.25S +V1.5S VOLTAGE CURRENT 25A 1.46V 1.05V 2.4A(Max),1A(Real) 1.2V 2.5A 0.5A 1.25V 1.5V 1.32A +V1.5SUS +V1.8 +V1.8S +V2.5 +V3.3S +V3.3 +V3.3SUS +V5S +V5 +V5SUS +V12 +V12S 1.5V 1.8V 1.8V 2.5V 3.3V 3.3V 3.3V 5V 5V 5V 12V 12V <Variant Name> 64 mA 0.14A 0.3 A 6.68A 1.732A 1.515A 14 mA 2.5A 3.75A 0.5A 0.25A 0.25A Size Engineer: Project Name Rev A6U 2.1 2 Sheet 1 48 B A Title : SCREW HOLE ASUSTek COMPUTER INC. NB6 Custom 4 +V3.3 +V3.3 +V3.3S +V5A VREF5 OD DC DC +V3.3 +V3.3 I I O I PWR O PWR PWR IO IO Date: Monday, March 21, 2005 5 POWER +V3.3S_CLK +VCCP +VCCP +V3.3SUS +V3.3S +V3.3S +5VLCM OD +V5 AC_BAT_SYS +V5 +V3.3 +V3.3SUS +V3.3 +V3.3 +V3.3 SIGNALS TYPE CLK_EN# I O PM_PSI# O VR_VID[5:0] CPU_VRON O VRM_PWRGD I PM_STPCPU# O CHG_LED I O RST_BTN# OTP_RESET# I I SHUT_DOWN# PWR +5VLCM O PM_SLPDLY_S3# PM_SLP_S4# O I BAT_LEARN BAT_LLOW#_OC I BAT_IN#_OC I of 50 5 4 FIRST SOURCE SECOND SOURCE 05-001017122 2 1 SECOND SOURCE Waiting for added in NOTE 05-001005111 3 L5 NA10643 05-001005310 06-006002411 06-010008100 06-017001000 06-017001200 07-005000010 D 06-006002001 06-010008000 07-005000210 L5 NA10601 D L5 NA10473 07-005000410 07-005261010 07-005357010 Power RD Request 07-010303271 07-010303273 L5 NA10603 07-010Q02501 07-010812500 07-014150220 07-014150120 07-016202032 07-016402032 07-016102032 09-013103013 09-013103010 L5 NA10512 09-091090000 09-091090001 L5 NA10512 09-091090005 10-093111041 L5 NA10334 10-12490100A L5 NA10298 10-12490560A C 10-093111040 10-124901000 10-124905600 11-032310661 11-032310662 C For MC request 11-032310663 11-033410401 11-033410400 11-033410405 Follow L5G R2.0 2nd source 11-033410406 11-033410500 11-033410502 11-03B210620 11-031110621 L5 NA10407 11-031210621 *11-03B110623 for Power RD Request 11-03B110621 11-03B110622 11-03B210621 11-03B110623 B B A A Title : SECOND SOURCE ASUSTek COMPUTER INC. NB6 Size Custom Engineer: Project Name Rev A6U 2.1 Date: Monday, March 21, 2005 5 4 3 2 Sheet 1 49 of 50 5 Rev 4 Date 3 Description 2 Rev R1.00 04/6/28 04/11/29 Description 1. Initial release. R1.1 Date 1. Add Local Frame Buffer, Page40. Power: D 05/01/24 2. Delete: R133, R120, C180, C323, C372, C373 . R1.2 D 4. Change CE1 to 120uF/4V part avoid tantalum part usage, Page04 5. Delete R140, Page20 3. Change: Q3, Q7, C151, C152, C32, C57, C10, R122, R127, R124, Q37, Q29, C339, C337, R497, R481, R468, C332, C329, R200, R260, Q40, Q39, Q41, Q42,Q47, Q49, R533, R524, 339, R347, R346, D45, R554, D57, R377. 4. ADD: R543, R542, C289, C667, U60. 6. Add R564 to increase Preset time of F.F., Page39 7. Change R485 to 75Kohm, Page39 8. Delete L16 colay parts, Page34 05/01/05 Power 1. Change D63 parts, Page47 2. Change: R225, R457. R2.0 Power: 1. ADD: R79, R35, R56. 2. Add R35 to 1Mohm, Page40 3. Change connection of R335, R192, R147 from +3.3V to +3VA, Page40