1. Change R485 to 47KOhm, Page39. 05/01/26 2. Change R473 as mounted component, Page22. 3. Delete D63,Q103,Q104, R553,R560,R561 and related circuits, add back R140, Page20. 4. Change R549's Pin2 to +3.3VAUX, added 0.22uF C699 on Page16. C 1 05/01/10 05/01/31 1. Change U13 to 02-020001500 2. Change C554, C569 to 11-033015000 1. Change R123 to 5.6KOhm, 1%, Page20. 05/01/14 4. Change R172, R174 to 10-004405626 1. Add JRST1 to meet RTC Clear requirement, Page17. 1. Change RN33 partA connection to meet A6 series Audio DJ LED scenario, Page37. 5. Change RN22, RN23, RN24, RN64, RN65, RN66, RN67,RN68, RN69, RN70, RN71, RN72, RN73, RN74, RN75, RN76 to 10-312470004030 Power: 6. CE5 change to 11-08D210720, 100uF/2V 2. ADD: R322, R293, R292, R138, C193, C7, C9, C195. 3. Change: R118 to 68.1K ohm. 05/02/14 1. Update Revision number at each page 1. Add R564 and Q32A to implement first boot latch up scenario, Page36 Power: Power: 1. Fine Tune +5V & +3V function: (Page43) 1. Add C196, Page40 Change L37, R261, R260, C288; and delete C307, C342, C351. 2. Add D63, Delete R35 and short together, 05/01/19 Page40 2. Fine Tune +1.8V & +2.5V function: (Page42) Change R492, R482; and delete C339, C332. 1. Add Q106,R565, Page36 3. Fine Tune +1.5V & +1.2V function: (Page41) 2. Change R551 to 4.7Kohm, Page38 Change R459, C564, C571; and delete C334. 3. Delete R264, Page17 B B 4. Fine Tune Vcore function: (Page40) 3. Change R283 to correct 0hm, Page28 Change R118, R3; and delete C186. 4. Delete R152, R412, R413, R439, R441, Page32 5. Change R138, D47, R342 to improve the function of battery learning. (Page45) 6. Add thermal protection function: mount R91, R42, C167, U5. (Page40) 5. Delete R417, R418, R419, Page33 6. Delete R324, Page38 7. Change X4 to A6G material, Page38 05/01/21 05/03/01 1. Add T217, T218 to meet Factory's request, Page37 R2.1 2. Add test points in +3VA,+1.8Vaux, +1.5VS, +1.2VS to meet Factory's request, Page41 3. Add test points in +1.8V, +2.5V to meet Factory's request, Page42 4. Change R7 to 100Kohm, C403 to 0.1uF to set power rising time to 3.9ms, Page42 5. Change C136, C145, C23, C24, C307, C316, C319, C346, C360, C636, C448 to postcap 5.6uf 05/01/23 A 1. Change R483 to 150Kohm, C582,C587,C590,C585 to more accurately part (Page39) 05/03/16 1. Add U61,Q106,R565,R566,C702,C703,C704,JP31 to increase Audio power supply capability (Page31) 2. Delete R549,R550,C699,Q102 for cost down and part redundant (Page16) Power: 1. Improve shut down leakage current at battery: (Page43) Delete Q25,R235,R205,R206,R236. Revise ENBL1,ENBL2 to RUN_5VO,RUN_3VO. 1. Change Audio DJ circuits back to original one, Page36 2. Revise shunt down circuit, delete D43. (Page47) 2. Change R31,R32,R33,R34 to 270ohm to meet KBC fan out SPEC, Page27 05/01/24 C 3. Change R284, R288, R289 to 10-003414720 05/01/12 05/01/17 1. Change R51,R52 to 10ohm/0402 to fine tune waveform, Page19 05/03/21 A 1. Delete Q19,Add Q107,R567 to support ID2 Mechanical.(Page37) 1. Delete L57,L58,L59,L60 co-lay parts, Page35 Title : REVISION(1) 2. Delete L3 co-lay parts, Page14 3. Add R417,R418,R419 back, Page33 ASUSTek COMPUTER INC. NB6 Size Custom Engineer: Project Name Rev A6U 2.1 Date: Monday, March 21, 2005 5 4 3 2 She