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HP Probook 5310M

53 VCCP_054 VCCP_055 VCCP_056 VCCP_057 VCCP_058 VCCP_059 VCCP_060 VCCP_061 VCCP_062 VCCP_063 VCCP_064 VCCP_065 VCCP_066 VCCP_067 VCCP_068 VCCP_069 VCCP_070 VCCP_071 VCCP_072 VCCP_073 VCCP_074 VCCP_075 VCCP_076 VCCP_077 VCCP_078 VCCP_079 VCCP_080 VCCP_081 VCCP_082 VCCP_083 VCCP_084 VCCP_085 VCCP_086 VCCP_087 VCCP_088 VCCP_089 VCCP_090 VCCP_091 VCCP_092 VCCP_093 VCCP_094 VCCP_095 VCCP_096 VCCP_097 VCCP_098 VCCP_099 VCCP_100 VCCP_101 VCCP_102 VCCP_103 VCCP_104 VCCP_105 VCCP_106 VCCP_107 VCCP_108 VCCP_109 VCCP_110 VCCP_111 VCCP_112 VCCP_113 VCCP_114 VCCP_115 VCCP_116 VCCP_117 VCCP_118 VCCP_119 VCCP_120 VCCP_121 VCCP_122 VCCP_123 VCCP_124 VCCP_125 VCCP_126 VCCP_127 VCCP_128 VCCP_129 VCCP_130 VCCP_131 VCCP_132 VCCP_133 VCCP_134 VCCP_135 VCCP_136 VCCP_137 VCCP_138 VCCP_139 VCCP_140 VCCP_141 VCCP_142 VCCP_143 VCCP_144 VCCP_145 AL37 AN37 AP38 B32 C33 D32 E35 E33 F34 G35 F36 H36 J35 L35 N35 K36 R35 U35 P36 V36 W35 AA35 AC35 AB36 AE35 AG35 AJ35 AF36 AL35 AN35 AK36 AP36 B12 B14 C13 D12 D14 E13 F14 F12 G13 H14 H12 J13 K14 K12 L13 L11 M14 N13 N11 K10 P14 P12 R13 R11 T14 U13 U11 V14 V12 W13 W11 P10 V10 Y14 AA13 AA11 AB14 AB12 AC13 AC11 AD14 AB10 AE13 AE11 AF14 AF12 AG13 AG11 AH14 AJ13 AJ11 AF10 AK14 AK12 AL13 AL11 AN13 AN11 AP12 AR13 AR11 AK10 AP10 AU13 AU11 L9 L7 N9 N7 R9 R7 U9 U7 W9 W7 AA9 AA7 AC9 AC7 AE9 AE7 AG9 AG7 AJ9 AJ7 AL9 AL7 AN9 AN7 AR9 AR7 A33 A13 3 ULV723@ Security Classification Issued Date 2006/02/13 3 Deciphered Date 2006/03/10 THIS SHEET OF ENGINEERING DRAWING IS THE PROPRIETARY PROPERTY OF COMPAL ELECTRONICS, INC. AND CONTAINS CONFIDENTIAL AND TRADE SECRET INFORMATION. THIS SHEET MAY NOT BE TRANSFERED FROM THE CUSTODY OF THE COMPETENT DIVISION OF R&D DEPARTMENT EXCEPT AS AUTHORIZED BY COMPAL ELECTRONICS, INC. NEITHER THIS SHEET NOR THE INFORMATION IT CONTAINS MAY BE USED BY OR DISCLOSED TO ANY THIRD PARTY WITHOUT PRIOR WRITTEN CONSENT OF COMPAL ELECTRONICS, INC. 2 VCCP_017 VCCP_018 VCCP_019 VCCP_020 VCC_101 VCC_102 VCC_103 VCC_104 VCC_105 VCC_106 VCC_107 VCC_108 VCC_109 VCC_110 VCC_111 VCC_112 VCC_113 VCC_114 VCC_115 VCC_116 VCC_117 VCC_118 VCC_119 VCC_120 VCC_121 VCC_122 VCC_123 VCC_124 VCC_125 VCC_126 VCC_127 VCC_128 VCC_129 VCC_130 VCC_131 VCC_132 VCC_133 VCC_134 VCC_135 VCC_136 VCC_137 VCC_138 VCC_139 VCC_140 VCC_141 VCC_142 VCC_143 VCC_144 VCC_145 VCC_146 VCC_147 VCC_148 VCC_149 VCC_150 VCC_151 VCC_152 VCC_153 VCC_154 VCC_155 VCC_156 VCC_157 VCC_158 VCC_159 VCC_160 VCC_161 VCC_162 VCC_163 VCC_164 VCC_165 VCC_166 VCC_167 VCC_168 VCC_169 VCC_170 VCC_171 VCC_172 VCC_173 VCC_174 VCC_175 VCC_176 VCC_177 VCC_178 VCC_179 VCC_180 VCC_181 VCC_182 VCC_183 VCC_184 VCC_185 VCC_186 VCC_187 VCC_188 VCC_189 VCC_190 VCC_191 VCC_192 VCC_193 VCC_194 VCC_195 VCC_196 VCC_197 VCC_198 VCC_199 VCC_200 VCC_201 VCC_202 VCC_203 VCC_204 VCC_205 VCC_206 VCC_207 VCC_208 VCC_209 VCC_210 VCC_211 VCC_212 VCC_213 VCC_214 VCC_215 VCC_216 VCC_217 VCC_218 VCC_219 VCC_220 C 4 AF38 AG37 AJ37 AK38 BD28 BB26 BD26 B22 B24 D22 D24 F24 F22 H24 H22 K24 K22 M24 M22 P24 P22 T24 T22 V24 V22 Y24 Y22 AB24 AB22 AD24 AD22 AF24 AF22 AH24 AH22 AK24 AK22 AM24 AM22 AP24 AP22 AT24 AT22 AV24 AV22 AY24 AY22 BB24 BB22 BD24 BD22 B16 B18 B20 D16 D18 F18 F16 H18 H16 D20 F20 H20 K18 K16 M18 M16 K20 M20 P18 P16 T18 T16 V18 V16 P20 T20 V20 Y18 Y16 AB18 AB16 AD18 AD16 Y20 AB20 AD20 AF18 AF16 AH18 AH16 AF20 AH20 AK18 AK16 AM18 AM16 AP18 AP16 AK20 AM20 AP20 AT18 AT16 AV18 AV16 AY18 AY16 AT20 AV20 AY20 BB18 BB16 BD18 BD16 BB20 BD20 AM14 AP14 AT14 AV14 AY14 BB14 BD14 5 2 1 D D +VCCP +VCC_CORE Compal Secret Data Title Date: U1F PENRYN SFF_UFCBGA956 C +VCCP B B A A Penryn(3/3)-Power Compal Electronics, Inc. Size Document Number Custom LA-5221P R ev 0.1 Tuesday, February 03, 2009 1 Sheet 6 of 45 4 1 1 2 2 C32 10U_0603_6.3V6M 2 C31 10U_0603_6.3V6M 2 1 C30 10U_0603_6.3V6M 2 C29 10U_0603_6.3V6M 2 1 1 2 +VCC_CORE High Frequence Decoupling 2 2 1 2 1 1 2 2 C56 1U_0402_6.3V6K 2 1 C55 1U_0402_6.3V6